The Light of the Moon in the Dark Night of My Soul

Four weeks ago I was standing on a beach on the coast of Georgia, watching the full moon rise over the water, bearing my soul to a dear brother in Christ about my sin, the foolish pride of my heart that led me to question God and doubt His goodness, grace, and mercy; but today my thoughts are the exact opposite, and I find it an odd coincidence that I'm here, on yet another beach...

In Pursuit of Rest, Dreams Can Get in the Way

A while back I wrote on the Sullenness of the In-Between, exploring the emotional angst of the crossroads in life, and I naïvely thought that was that. But life continues to frustrate me: my dreams get dashed, my hope wavers, my faith flames out, and I often wonder how to go on—specifically, how I’m supposed to keep dreaming.

This is Our Story: An Overview of Redemptive History

We Americans don’t gather around the fire and hear grandpa tell us our story anymore and that makes us feel “free” to create our own. But with that freedom comes ignorance and confusion. We’ve forgotten our True story, and it’s my constant passion to call people to the fire to hear the way things really are.

What Does it Mean to be Alive?

I can count on one hand the amount of times this has happened to me. I’m just sitting there minding my own business when suddenly I feel as if I’m watching myself, as if the rubber band of my imagination breaks and my consciousness is left spread out in space....And it’s in those rare moments that I glimpse the truth about my life, about my existence.

The Sullenness of The In-Between

The sun rises, the sun falls: waves roll in and out with the tide. Heat comes in Summer and cold in Winter, the wind chilling the earth. We know the patterns of life, and we even expect them to flow, but sometimes they don’t—sometimes they get stuck. 

On Devotionals, or What it Means to be Devoted

When I was young I used to pray for God to rescue me from the boredom of doing my devotions. All those Thees and Thous and henceforths (I grew up on the KJV) was like pouring water on the tiny flame of my faith. So I lowered my shouldered and repeated the words fake it ‘till you make it, fake it ‘till you make it.