I'm Adam.

I'm a Financial Advisor by day and a book worm by night. I'm a Christian who has serious concerns about the Church, graduate student (MA in theology at SBTS), quote/unquote writer, and full-bore wisdom-seeker. I am recovering from a long battle with Lyme disease and still learning how to thank God for the life He's given me.

During those really tough years I lay there thinking (this is an example of what I was thinking about) and discovering wonderful (and terrible) things. Looking back, that time was very formative for me and truly set me free in a lot of ways--free to appreciate beauty and goodness and truth in ways I'd never had the time or perspective to see.

Some articles on this blog reflect some of that deep struggle. I went through a serious crisis of the soul, philosophically, and I've learned--I've seen how utterly dependent I am on Him, how wonderful and loving He is, and how infinitely wise He is and how little of Him or His creation I will ever intellectually understand. I learned to explore Him out of joy and wonder, not duty or scientific necessity. And so I'm no longer pursuing knowledge the same way: my goal for knowledge is Joy, to deepen my knowledge and experience of Him. There's a million bajillion things I'll never know or understand, and I am thankful for that. 

I hope you benefit from any part of my story or other writings.

Other Projects


The Up & Comers Show is a podcast for millennials who care, a show with my pal Thane Ringler, California's resident expert on professional golf. He's a friend of mine from college who went pro but who kept up with me in my illness and difficult time at home. We are very like-minded and passionate about pursuing excellence in life, so we started the show to host a conversation and community around learning to live a good life, something our generation desperately needs to talk about. It's a blast, and, very often, formative. We've discovered how different we are (Thane is the pragmatist and I am the philosopher) but how beneficial it is to balance each other out (e.g., without Thane I'd spend years thinking about doing something and never actually doing it).


Every now and then I send out a hand-made newsletter of the best links (articles, sermons, lectures, books, etc.) I've found that I want to share with my friends. It's over two years old now, and it's still growing in readership and support. (My Nana loves these things. Maybe I should get her to do a testimonial...)