Another Blog Update

This blog is changing, and it’s taking me along with it. As most of you know I have had chronic fatigue syndrome for several years, and I am left with no job or the ability to have one. But I can read, think, and write, and so I have started this blog as one outlet for my learning. It began simply as a medium to publish some personal posts online but has grown and changed as God has adjusted my vision and goals for it. My vision for it is growing and so I want to make some things clear so that you, my faithful and marvelous readers, can be on the same page.

  1. Greater publishing frequency. With greater frequency comes greater diversity, and it’s my desire to reach a wide range of audiences, whose interests are in the Bible, Christian living, theology, philosophy, technology, education, books, and more.
  2. 5 types of content. My content can be divided into five basic groups: essays, book reviews, cultural commentary, curations, and personal posts (in order from most to least formal). Each post is posted into one of these categories, and my goal is to help you cipher through and find only what truly interests you. (You can find the category of a post below the title on the home page, and at the bottom of each blog post).
    • Essays are my long-form original content. These take longer to write, and I want each to be well done, so they will come maybe once per week.
    • Book reviews are actual long-form reviews of books I’m either given to review or which I want to provide a more substantial treatment of than, say, what a “curation” type post will allow. These are classic, critical analysis of books and will be pretty infrequent for now.
    • Cultural commentary are posts about culture, in which I respond to some event, movie, or article and give my opinion about it. (These are rare).
    • Curations are the big kicker. These are the shorter posts centered around a book or a quote. You will see these at least once a day, about various random content. My goal here isn’t to overwhelm you but to build an online repository for your future reference, and for greater visibility online. My goal with these is to connect ideas across disciplines by making an interlinked web of content. They should be relatively short, very focused (not wide-ranging like typical blog posts), and very intentional. My goal is that they would inspire you to discover, to read more, and to think differently.
    • Personal posts are about me, my health, etc. You will see these maybe once every couple weeks.
  3. Screencasts: COMING SOON! Other changes are in the works, but one main one is screencasts–which are basically movies of my computer screen. I have some software to learn and hardware to purchase, but within the month I will start posting 5–10 minute videos which explain either intellectual and spiritual topics or more mundane things like how to use software on your computer or iPhone. So they will be either a slideshow, like a mini-lecture, or a hands-on tutorial for how to use some piece of technology better. I’m super stoked about this!

I want you, my lovable readers, to feel loved and appreciated–because you are–and not overwhelmed and confused. I want this site to add value to your life. I’m not here to just dump random data on you; I’m here to sift through great amounts of information and give you the thoughts and ideas which are most valuable for you and your Christian life. Knowledge is power, and the truth will set you free. I believe this, and I will fight for it as long as I live, no doubt.

Since “Nature [or, God] has instilled in our minds an insatiable desire to see truth” (Cicero), and “Truth lies at the bottom of a well” (Democritus), we need what Jesus said: “If you continue in my Word… you will know the truth and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32). The Word is truth, and the Word is what holds the world together (Acts 17:28). All we need to do is have the eyes to discover the Word, to see Jesus, who is the Word, and all His glory right before our eyes in our daily lives. To help you in that discovery is my goal.

If you want to see who I am modeling my site after see people like Maria Popova of, Shane Parrish of, and Brett McKay of

Do you have something to add? Email me with your thoughts, comments, and concerns. I appreciate hearing from you all.