• The Notes Circular •

What It Is

A circular is a letter meant to be widely distributed, or circulated. There was a letter written by Samuel Adams around 1770 that was distributed this way, and it came to be known as—wait for it—The Circular Letter. Turns out this letter is responsible for a government shut-down, a Boston Massacre, and an American Revolution (Source). Shazaam!

The Notes Circular is a project my wife and I started as our own little mutiny to our technological age. Once a month we send out notes, hand-typed and hand-stamped, to your mailbox. Some letters may be “Notes from Lewis”, in which C.S. Lewis will write to you, or “Notes on Government Shutdowns” in which the dear overlooked governments of the world will get their opportunity to vent their stand-offs. And they need to be short; this will be one page. But it will be one solid page. We want this content to be so good it inspires you to unplug, slow down, and meditate.

What It Is Not

Another newsletter consisting of links to news and articles you know you will read and forget, if you ever read the entire thing. It is not news just-in-time, or information just-in-case; it is Truth worth your time and knowledge that is pertinent to our lives in America.

The Story Behind It

The reason we created this is the same reason people subscribe to it. We are just tired of emails and links and articles and webpages all straining for our attention. I found myself printing off everything important and leaving everything not important in my distracting technology.

These letters are your opportunity to get away from it all and listen to something good, beautiful, true, or wise—actually pay attention to it—and circulate it.

Sign Up! - $3/month

This is a labor of love for Faith and I, so we are just asking you help cover postage and some fees. You can cancel at any time by following the directions below. Everything is processed through Paypal third-party so your information is safe with them.

If you want to try it before you buy it, email me. We’re happy to send you a sample.



  • How can I mail you back?

    • We love getting mail too! Our address is…

    • PO Box 412, Valdosta, GA 31603.

  • Can I Unsubscribe?

    • Yes, it’s simple—see the instructions below. We would hate to see you go! If you would like something to change, mail us!

  • Whose Idea Was This?

    • Adam’s but Faith was the one who pushed it into action. She LOVES getting mail.

  • Can I get in touch with you other than snail-mail?

    • Yes! adam@adamsetser.com. But what’s the fun of that?


If you opt-in for the monthly tip, you can stop payments by unsubscribing at any time by following these instructions or clicking the button below:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account
  2. Click the My Account tab
  3. Click the History subtab
  4. Click More filters, select Subscriptions and agreements, and then click Subscriptions
  5. Change the date back to the year the subscription was created, and then click Show
  6. Click Details next to the subscription
  7. Click Cancel Subscription
  8. Done! (HT: Maria Popova)