Sensible web design for small businesses and churches

I do the hard part so you can do what you do best...which isn't web design. We all need websites in this Technological Age, and it shouldn't have to be expensive or difficult. I've created websites for churches, small businesses, and personal blogs (including this site) using Squarespace. 

Why Squarespace?

  • It's cheap. It's $100 a year for hosting fees, and that gets you unlimited storage.
  • It's easy. I can create the websites faster and even train you and your team to do your own publishing in record time.
  • It's elegant. I admire the power of Wordpress sites, but none look as polished (as easily) as Squarespace. 

Small Businesses


Covenant Baptist Church of Valdosta, GA

I have built sites from the ground-up, including photos and marketing copy, while others have been simple site builds and designs. The level of involvement is totally up to the customer and is reflected in the packages I offer.

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