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I’m Adam.

I’m an old soul, and this is my blog.

It’s a place of rest for those bedraggled by Big Industry, hipsterdom, and post-modernism. I am a Millennial self-admittedly fleeing back to the ways of my grandparents—and their grandparents. I much prefer meaning over excitement, and I value family and community over career opportunity. Amid the tidal wave of Millennials moving to Austin, I am very happy in my hometown here in the belly of the South. But it hasn’t always been this way.

I went to college in Los Angeles and came back to the South with nothing but disdain for my hometown. I didn’t see it as valuable, only less-than. Life was so much more meaningful in the big city in big Industry. But some things happened to me, which you can read about below, that changed me. Now, I have different values and a difference perspective than my big city peers—not to say I’m right and they are wrong, but this is what I’m saying: when I take time out of my day to read, reflect, and write, it generally always has something to do with this…how society and big Industry is brainwashing us from core principles of life our grandparents got right.

This site is an homage to the great Southern writer Flannery O’Conner and the Real Old Timer himself, Charles Krauthammer. When I care to speak about my perspective, it ends up sounding like the imaginative preaching of Flannery or the matter-of-fact conservatism of Krauthammer. Other inspirations are Walker Percy, William Faulkner, and a whole host of others who, in a real way, have made me.

My Father in Law gave me a knife for Christmas, a classic Old Timer pocket knife. It’s a simple knife—no bells, no whistles. It is small, sharp, and well-made. It scoffs at knives of carbon fiber and switchblades and serrations and springs. I love that little Old Timer because in the world of knives, that’s the one I want to be.

So now you know what you’re getting into. At least from here on out.

- Adam Setser (12/28/2018)

• About Me •


My name is Adam Setser and as of 6/2/18 I am married to Faith Setser. She is everything to me.

Vocationally I am a Financial Advisor at The Kerrigan Group, but my background is in divinity. I graduated from The Masters University in Los Angeles with my BA in Biblical Languages, and am on temporary leave from my MA in Theology at SBTS. I am the minister of college at First Baptist Church Valdosta, and am part of Leadership Lowndes with the class of 2019.

In 2015 I was diagnosed with Lyme disease, after 2 years of increasingly bad health. I spent those 2 years largely confined to my parents home, reading and studying, trying to make sense of my trial. I am a Christian (read my manifesto here), and while my faith did waver in that darkness, God was faithful to bring me back to the light.

I love music that is honest and relatable, and beautiful, which tends to be either Country or the Classics or Classical. My wife loves Rom-Coms, so now I do too, but I prefer either war movies or dramas, especially historical stuff. I am also unironically a huge Tom Cruise fan—and Robin Williams and Russell Crowe. I play the piano and Faith sings, and sometimes we dance.

We bought a fixer upper in the heart of the city, built in 1940, with all its charm and quirks. We’ve done a lot of renovations ourselves, which is something I will probably write about. We have two motorcycles, and two bicycles. I used to race bicycles but now I am blessed just to be able to ride. But in the past few months I’ve seen a lot of improvement, so I’m calling this my #comeback.

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The Notes Circular

This is an analogue newsletter. My favorite project of all.


The Up & Comers Show is a podcast for millennials who care. Recently I haven’t been contributing as much, but you know, priorities.