I’m back! And married and healing...

I have been delaying this long enough.  

There are two kinds of bloggers. There are those who need to blog in order to have their thoughts affirmed and esteemed by others and there are those others who write on a blog, consistently, as a service to their community. One is from pride, the other humility. 

I started this blog wanting it to be the latter. To write to serve...but I must confess I wrote in order to be served. I was going through a difficult time and I wasn’t able to get out of my way. 

Thays what my semi-dramatic “public apology” was about. I wanted to draw a line in the sand and go “hey I’m back and I’m writing about STUFF now, not just about ME and MY GOING THROUGH STUFF.  

The job of the writer is to herald. To point to the Truth and point out the Truth as it lies waiting to ambush us in the form of every day life. Writers see in order that readers may see with them. And while I didn’t cross any boundaries or break any writerly rules, I just got in my own way and ended up communicating more of MY truth sometimes than THE Truth.  


But come on, I was virtually bedridden for two years after college; for a long, bitter season, I lost everything I held dear. I will give myself a pass on crossing that line. But now, now that I don’t need writing to prop my psyche up, I am free to use writing to help the world to see. To keep my own self accountable to keep seeing. Now that my vision of the world isn’t darkened by suffering and loss, the vision I see of the world is renewed, and that’s why I am here. 

To recap, I’m not saying all previous writing on this website is bad, nor am I saying all future writing will be good; but what I am saying is there is a distinct shift that began before my previous two posts and that has matured in me, and that shift will lead me to write with a different purpose: to write to speak and herald the Good, the True, and the Beautiful, not just to be heard.

I am thankful for what I went through. My life benefits. My wife benefits. It has made me who I am. The Lord had a sovereign plan through it all, and maybe one day I will write more about that.

For now, just look at this picture. Tell me God isn’t good.